Jolly Red

Jolly Red is a vibrant, modern tapestry company that is run by designer Kelly Fletcher who set up the company in 1993. Trained as a tapestry weaver, Kelly has worked on many wool-based commissions, including one to create a needlepoint design for Ehrman Tapestry. Noticing the absence of any colourful kits at the time, Kelly set about creating a small range of kits under the banner of Jolly Red. Since those early days of six designs, Jolly Red has grown considerably and in 2015 has over 100 designs across its tapestry and cross stitch ranges.

We have been working with Jolly red for a few years and work on Catalogues, Photography and Print.

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We worked on

DESIGN We have worked closely with Jolly red to get the right style for the catalogue and photos to bring these great products to print.
DEVELOPMENT Ongoing work with a fabulous creative business.