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Building a Careers Page

Georgie Hulett
July 16, 2021
Web and Digital

The first question you should ask when building your website is: Who is my website for?

Sure, you’ll answer my customers or my clients. The forgotten (but equally important) audience is always your potential employees.

Candlelight Care came to us needing a complete overhaul of their current website. They wanted something more modern with easily findable information and stayed in keeping with their well-established brand. Not only did the site need to attract new customers, but it also had to appeal to potential job seekers too.

Who are you?

An introduction to your company

Your careers page is often a candidate’s first point of contact with your company: It needs to leave a positive and lasting impression.

For Candlelight Care, we focused on building a site that was consistently branded throughout and yet spoke to their two distinct audiences.

Candlelight’s current vacancies page has functionality that also users to refine the search categories without trawling through their entire list of jobs.

What are you offering?

Benefits of joining your company

Careers pages need a LOT of detailed information on them: Job titles, job descriptions, salaries, locations and development opportunities. Not only does this need to be informative, it also needs to be attractive to the right people for your company.

For Candlelight Care, we focused on providing well-written yet concise copy that captured their values as an investor in their people. We also created a simple, branded design that would illustrate their employee benefits at a glance and could be shared via social media.

Employee Benefits on careers page | Web Designer | Careers Graphic Design

Why should they join you?

Your company culture

It is easy to say you are the best company to work for, however, that needs backing up and the best way to demonstrate this comes straight from the horse’s mouth: The experience of your employees.

Candlelight Care needed space on their website to exhibit their glowing staff testimonials. We designed a page that had a relaxed atmosphere and highlighted their employee’s experience of working with Candlelight.

Staff testimonials

We also recommended that Candlelight Care use professional photos of current staff members doing what they loved best: Caring for Candlelight’s clients. Professional photography often makes the difference between a run-of-the-mill website and one that truly stands out. Read our blog about working with Professional Photographers.

How do they apply?

Easy-to-use application forms

Putting an application form on your careers page is simple. It can be fully designed to match your company’s branding and easily replicable for different jobs. All we need is the essential and desirable questions you’d like to ask your potential employees.

If you are working with job search engines or job scraping services, like Indeed or Glassdoor, let us know! It is simple to add their HTML code to your jobs and increase the chance of your perfect candidate applying.

How will they find my careers page?

Search Engine Optimisation

As a Health & Social Care company, Candlelight are part of an extremely competitive hiring market. It was vital that their careers page registered high on Google searches, so when potential employees are searching for jobs they will find Candlelight Care first.

We optimised Candlelight’s SEO by focusing on search terms that a candidate would use. Currently, their Support Worker jobs come up on the 2nd page of Google AND they are the first care company to appear that isn’t a job site, recruitment agency or paying for sponsored advertising.

Ready to hire?

With your new careers page up and running, the rest is up to you. The application stage is only an introduction to your company. Now you’ll need to think about managing the entire recruitment process to ensure your candidate is engaged and excited to join your company at every turn.

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