Colour Options

What’s the difference between PMS, CMYK, RGB and HEX colour profiles?


For use in printing

PMS colours are patented, standardized colour inks from Pantone. Used for offset printing, often in one or two colour jobs. Ideal for stationery. Also as spot colours on premium brochures in addition to CMYK printing.



For use in printing

CMYK is a process by which tiny dots of cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks are mixed to make various colours. Used for digital printing but ideal for full-colour brochures, flyers, posters and postcards.

RGB colours


For use on-screen

RGB is the process by which red, green and blue combine to make colours. Used for online applications, TV, mobile devices, games and illuminated signs.

Hex colours


For use on-screen

HEX is a six-digit combination of letters and numbers that represent an RGB colour. It is mainly used in web design.


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