Gilbert & Swayne

Gilbert & Swayne

The delightful Jane Swayne founded Gilbert & Swayne Chocolates in Baltonsborough, near Glastonbury. After facing problems with her printable files and website, Jane came to us needing help and quickly! We have happily taken Jane by the hand and helped her create a brand and promotions that reflect her products, her strong values and the kind person at the heart of Gibert & Swayne.


Chocolate Menus

Jane is constantly inventing new flavour combinations,  it is essential to keep the artwork for her menus correct and current. With our clear and concise brand guidelines, Gilbert & Swayne’s visuals are always consistent and continue to represent the essence of her brand.

  • Easy Descriptions
  • Clear Ingredients Lists
  • Stylised Product Images
Gilbert & Swayne Website

eCommerce Website

Chocolate lovers are a truly diverse group of people. To meet their needs, Gilbert & Swayne needed a site that translated across multiple platforms and appealed to all of Jane’s audience bases. With the emphasis on the product and consistent branding, it was important to keep the site clean, crisp and, above all, easy to negotiate.

  • Full eCommerce
  • WordPress CMS
  • Responsive design
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Gilbert & Swayne promotional material


Gilbert & Swayne is a recognised industry leader in the field of chocolatiers, Jane leads popular chocolate courses and charitable talks on her work. Their print promotion must be focused on the fine details of products and their providence, whilst continuing to solidify her brand.

Gilbert & Swayne packaging

Product Photography

We have developed individual themes for Jane’s product shots with an emphasis on clean, crisp lines and very limited photoshop work. Gilbert & Swayne’s images must be a true representation of the products and Gilbert & Swayne’s brand. We complete these in batches to coincide with her promotional calendar and lessen her overall workload.

Social Media Marketing

Merging old social media sites and feeds with updated branding and a targeted plan can be a daunting task and feel insurmountable! As all of Jane’s products are handmade by her, she felt the need for social media advertising but simply couldn’t spare the time. We were able to clear the way to a clear and structured Social media plan that Jane doesn’t have to worry about. With this plan being reviewed every few months, we are taking time for her audience to let us know what they want to see from Jane and Gilbert & Swayne.


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