Harry’s Cider

After a recommendation from another cider producer, we had a meeting with Harry himself. With a product that was absolutely spectacular and a brand that just needed a few tweaks to jump off the shelf, we set to work developing Harry’s brand book and promotional plan of action.

  • Brand Development
  • Photography
  • Print Management
  • Adverting
  • Point of Sale
  • labels and Packaging

Consistent Brand Messaging

Initially, we helped Harry’s Cider brand with some essential fine-tuning of their brand, helping the company deliver their message across multiple products, platforms, and audiences.

  • Strong Brand Messaging
  • Brand Lead Labelling
  • Clear and Consistent Colourways
  • Constant Font Selection
  • Brand Identification
  • Instant Recognition of Brand’s Personality
  • Establishing Key Values
    Photo by Bill Bradshaw


After winning many awards for their outstanding products, Harry’s Cider asked us to complete some information-led point of sale and advertising with a focus on their recent success. By pairing our stylised product photography with strong, communicative and punchy visuals, we facilitated an advertising campaign that celebrated and shared their achievements with the right audiences.

  • Labelling, Pump Clips, Packaging
  • Advertisements
  • Outdoor Signage
  • Stylised Imagery

Product Photography

Selling products through wholesalers and retailers requires a catalogue of isolated images in both high-res print-ready format and online as a web-ready document. With our office just around the corner, Harry’s Cider were able to drop off products for us to photograph and upload to the wholesaler’s sites with a 24-hour turnaround.

  • Isolated Product Shots
  • Styled Images
  • Handling Publication Requirements

Point of Sale

With their burgeoning market into pubs, restaurants, and retail, Harry’s Cider needed consistent and engaging promotional assets that could be easily replicated. To expand their promotional activity, we created bespoke pieces of point of sale, interacting on both a B2B and C2B frame.

  • Table Talkers
  • Barkers
  • Empty Belly Posters
  • Stickers
  • Labels


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