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What is SEO and how to improve it.

What is SEO? SEO help in Somerset

What on Earth is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, it essentially means how well your website ranks on search engines like Google and Bing.

Your website could be the most beautiful functional piece of branded art around BUT without SEO, your website is virtually unfindable. Hence why it is so important!

What are your keywords? SEO help in Somerset

What are your keywords?

These might not always be exactly what you think – The best way to work out keywords is to consider what people would search to find you? Make a list of ALL the possible variations and then add them to your website copy, especially the headers.

One thing to note – Good content is not always good SEO and vice versa. These are search terms, which people write quickly. You need to find ways to combine all the different possibilities for keywords and get as many varieties on your site as possible without overegging the pudding.

Where are you? SEO help in Somerset

Where are you?

One of Google’s top searches often includes “near me”. But how do search engines decide what’s nearby? Well, they know where we are but how do they connect that with local businesses?

There are two ways:

1) Include locations in your keywords and get them on your website site. Be both place-specific and more generic, for example; Stable Design – Creative Agency in Martock, Somerset

2) Set up a Google My Business profile. These will show your business on Google searches and maps PLUS you can handily add all your contact details, pictures etc to introduce new customers to your business.

What are SEO titles and meta descriptions?

Titles & Meta Descriptions

Here we go a bit more technical, each website page has a title and meta descriptions. Though esoteric industry terms, you’ve seen these anytime you’ve searched online.

Title and Meta Descriptions are the small bits of text that comes up on search engines and they are editable! Fill yours with keywords to help people find you AND decide to click on your link.

How to write Blogs? SEO help in Somerset

Write Blogs!

By keeping your website updated with new content, your website will consistently start to rank higher. This could be news updates about your business or industry tips.

Now Rome wasn’t built in a day. Just keep consistently posting fresh content onto your website, share to social media platforms and you’ll (slowly) start seeing the results. PRO TIP: Make these blogs specifically about keyword search terms.

Check your Analytics? SEO help in Somerset

Check your analytics

Now take a look at your website’s analytics – THis is where you will see results. Check out your Google Analytics or (if you have a platform that does) internal analytics, just have a cheeky look in there. Are you getting more traffic from new customers? Then congratulations – Your SEO is working.

Still need confused? SEO help in Somerset

Still feeling bamboozled by SEO?

Get in touch! All our websites come with SEO and we often run audits on other sites.

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