Creative Design

The Importance of Great Briefs

Sara Gaskins
February 21, 2020
Creative Design

What is a Creative Brief?

A creative brief is the foundation or starting point for any creative work or promotional campaigns that take place.

All you need is a short and detailed summary of your company’s background and any promotional goals you hope to achieve. In a creative brief, you can share your vision, values and voice of your business quickly and concisely.

A creative brief is also useful for outlining the scope of your project by setting a budget and time limits for any creative work.

Who is the Creative Brief for?

It might surprise you to learn that the end-user of the creative brief isn’t your company. Rather, it’s the creative team that will be designing your artwork or promotional assets.

Reasons to use a Creative Brief:

  • You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your vision and the values you want your business to communicate.
  • You’ll guarantee that all designed assets are on-brand and delivering a consistent message.
  • You can give our creative team a clear vision and broad knowledge of your brand, business, and products.
  • It can offer guided inspiration and give our team a starting point to brainstorm ideas.
  • It will reduce misunderstandings from the outset by ensuring we’re on the same page.
  • You can make certain that you are getting the most out of your partnership with our creative team.

You can download our creative brief below:

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