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Branded Face Masks

Sara Gaskins
August 19, 2020
Creative Design

Check out our NEW face masks with Stable Design’s logo.

Some days it’s easy to forget we’re in the middle of a pandemic. We have been so lucky in Somerset, with a very small number of cases making it easy to get complacent, but we still need to be vigilant, keep washing our hands and wearing those masks!  

That’s the thing that always reminds me to be careful and stay alert: Seeing other people wearing face masks.

Today, I picked up our branded masks for Stable Design. There’s no missing me now when I turn up for a meeting!

Branded Face Mask Design Somerset

The masks have been distributed to the Stable Design team and their families. We will all do our bit to keep those pesky germs away. 

Stay safe and check in on your friends and family – Sara

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