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Eco Friendly

Sara Gaskins
April 27, 2021
Artwork and Print

Lots of options but where to start?

Our company is evolving – the energy we use, the processes we have in place, our print and packaging and how we handle our plastics.

There are some amazing advances in our industry with some awesome companies helping pave the way for future generations. 

Wherever possible we use carbon capture paper for our print – with the emphasis on sustainability and money going back to uk woodlands. 

We are also using compostable bags for packing and reusing cardboard and polybag postal items wherever possible – We encourage our customers and team to recycle and reuse.

One thing I would say is that recycled paper is not always the best eco option. The chemicals used to pulp and bleach sometimes outweighs the good. Sustainable paper maybe a better route but there are pluses and minuses in both situations! The same goes for veggie inks, but one things for sure, it is great to have soo many eco options! 

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Sara Gaskins

As our Creative Director, Sara’s goal is to keep everything running smoothly at peak creativity, both for the team and our customers.

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