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Help for Ukraine

Sara Gaskins
March 18, 2022
Creative Design

Helping and supporting our customers raise as much as they can for Ukraine.

I have really struggled this week – creativity has been nearly non-existent – the idea of doing a watercolour or something for my 100 days creative has filled me with a “how can I do that when there is such pointlessness and pain” and then the wonderful emails started – Hay Sara, can you help with……Hay Sara, we have a van arriving at *** “can you supply anything from this list?” Hay Sara, we want to host a fundraiser can you help…..Hay Sara, we just need something to let people know…..all of a sudden I was able to help – all of a sudden I could help… all of a sudden I was helping – 

India from Haselbury Mill asked for some help publishing a Red Cross fundraising event – so next week I will be pouring drinks at Haselbury Mill for an outstanding  Fundraiser event run by Roger, India and Mini and I will give it my all! With a donation entry of £5, this is your chance to give too – so do it – and I will see you there! 

We have also helped Race Nation Events advertise the most wonderful sporting event where you can walk – run – swim –  hell, you can bloody skip and still make a contribution to help Ukraine! 

Our local (and totally lush café) The Steam Pot is a drop-off point for donations for Ukraine. And after the most uplifting shopping trip where every member of the COOP Martock (plus their totally lush Martock customers) did everything they possibly could to find me all the products and get me the best deals – what absolute supper star – I got everything on my list!  I can’t thank you enough for enabling me to help in the small way I could! 

There is an event in Bath over this coming weekend, hosted by Jade Parrift, Alice Temperley that has some outstanding offerings – and every single penny will help the charity Bath Refugees – with donations made by the equally fab Somerset Cider Brandy 😊 so proud to be a part of this (even in a very small way) Check it out! 

My point is this – if you don’t have the pennies and are left feeling like you want to, but don’t know how to help – reach out, say you want to help, sometimes just being there when people need you – is all you need to do! 

Very proud of you all, and very proud to help you all! 

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