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Our Colours Explained

Sara Gaskins
February 7, 2020
Creative Design

Branding & the psychology of colour

Colour plays a vital role in the world we live in. Our reactions to colour aren’t just subliminal as studies show the right shades can calm you down, raise your blood pressure and even suppress your appetite! As a means of visual communication, colour is invaluable. How many times have you stopped for a red traffic light today?

The colours of your brand reveal more about your business than you realise, whether that’s fresh green for continuous growth or steel-grey for industry. Watch our colour story below.

Our colours have both history and intent for our future. They compliment each other whilst still representing the different elements of our company.

What do your brand colours say about your company? Are they an accurate reflection?

Contact us today to discuss colour choices in your branding.

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Sara Gaskins

As our Creative Director, Sara’s goal is to keep everything running smoothly at peak creativity, both for the team and our customers.

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