Party By The Parrett

Sara Gaskins
February 27, 2020

We are super proud to be supporting the Party By The Parrett for the tenth year in a row!

This year, Party By The Parrett 2020 sold out in just a few hours – Wow! Move over Glastonbury.

Stable Design has supported Party By The Parrett for the entire 10 years the party has been running. Originally, we were approached by Tim Gray, from Kingsbury Episcopi. He was looking for a brand logo idea for a new family-friendly event taking place next to the River Parrett with live music from local bands.

Meet Polly!

We are delighted with how Polly has evolved and grown with the event, even sipping cocktails in 2018! We have supported Party By The Parrett with all elements of our business as part of our social and corporate responsibility – from logo generation right through to banners and programmes and digital web support. We are proud to promote our local communities and their events.

Supporting Local Communities

Socially responsible activities, like our help with Party By The Parrett, are valuable for both our company and our local community.

With drinks drunk and foot-stomping dancing, local bands and tribute acts are there to get the party going. The Party By The Parrett team also invites musicians from local schools to experience the big stage or nurture their talent in a smaller acoustic set.

All of this foot-stomping fun raises a huge amount of money that goes right back into the local community. What’s not to love about that?

Being socially responsible should not be limited to large, blue-chip corporates. It has a place in businesses of all shapes and sizes. It gives local events and charities a chance to reach heights they never thought they could. Plus, we get to try out new ideas, nurture our local communities and, basically, have a lot of fun (and a terrible hangover!) 

Thanks Party by the Parrett! We love your whole event – from the tip of your beak to the curls of your claws. Here’s to many more sellouts.

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