Royal Canin

Royal Canin and Stable Design have been working together for more years than we care to mention. With their own lovely in-house marketing team, our focus is to support them in any way we can. Some examples of this:

  • Creative Design and Artwork
  • Photography
  • Print Management
  • Direct Mailing
  • Exhibition Graphics
  • Show Unit Design and Support
  • Digital Graphics

Show Support

Royal Canin is an industry leader in their field. Every year sees them going to a huge amount of dog and cat shows, where they need to be instantly recognisable and stand out from the crowd. We support their marketing team in designing eye-catching visuals that drive customers to their stands, whilst educating them about the Royal Canin Diet.

  • Large Format
  • Shell Scheme Artwork
  • Promotional Point of Sale
  • Exhibition Design
  • Premia Items

Promotional Packs

In our role with Royal Canin, we work closely on their annual promotions and educational pieces. These need to communicate various things depending on the audience, whilst still driving consumers to the specialist pet retailer.

When producing material for Royal Canin, we select trade partners that share their key values to ensure that the emphasis is on quality and sustainability.

Promotional Free Standing Units

What better way to sell your products than from your own designed product stand? Royal Canin has a varied selection of products, many of different shapes and sizes.
To keep all their stock together, and flying off the shelves, we helped Royal Canin create key, dynamic display units that aided their sales and raised brand awareness.

“A really talented and lovely bunch. I have worked with Stable Design for 6 years and it has been nothing but wonderful. The whole team are welcoming and they are always so accommodating to their client’s needs. I definitely, 100% recommend Stable Design (with 5/5 huge stars) to anyone who is wanting support with their business or brand. I look forward to many more years working with this fabulous team!”

Roma Wilcox
Royal Canin Marketing Executive


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