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The Country Clinic

The Country Clinic’s ethos is ‘enhancing your natural beauty’. In the comfort of their private aesthetic clinic in Curry Rivel, they provide safe but noticeable non-surgical procedures that enhance an individual’s features. Bryony came to us looking to excel in her online presents, expand her customer base and help her brand match her reputation for excellent service and industry professionalism.

We also recommended she had her own photos taken with a photographer, along with mixing these with stock images to highlight each service. When building a website, professional photography really adds to its personality. Added bonus: When customers meet you, they’ll already recognise you AND feel more comfortable.

Website Design

Bryony already had a strong logo and established colour palette, so we enhanced her “natural beauty” and created a website to match her ethos. Using greens and blues, the layout is fresh and clean whilst the gold highlights add a touch of elegance and a hint of Japanese kintsugi.

Bryony didn’t want the site to be overly feminine, as her clinic welcomes all genders. To keep her appeal open, we added a rich grey element that toned down the base colours and ground the site.

The website is simply laid out so it’s easy to read and quick to find the information you need, with key elements of each service highlighted in easy to digest panels.

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The Country Clinic photoshoot by Stable Design

Photography Direction

It is a daunting task having a photographer booked and then thinking – what next…? We helped Bryony at The Country Clinic with the direction of the photoshoot. Assisting with a list of key images we needed to highlight her services, personality, and location.

Along with this list, we ensured all website elements had the right style of image for banners and services boxes. Often we receive images that are portraits or too close-up to the subject. These are hard to make good banners!

Photography by Bill Bradshaw

The Country Clinic photoshoot in Curry Rivel

Photoshoot Day

On the shoot day, we removed all distractions, (such as bins, clutter and cups to mention a few) and made sure key items were in shot. We also help to keep the atmosphere relaxed and light, as having your photo taken can be very intense!  This helps the flow of photos and makes the end result look natural and, well, effortless.

We’ve also been known to be background models in shoots. You can find both Sara and Woodey on quite a few of our designed websites.


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