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Quick Turnaround of a Website

Georgie Hulett
March 24, 2020
Web and Digital

From start to finish, website design can be a very slow process. Rome wasn’t built in a day and, surely, no one tested their traffic systems!

However, with the full Stable Design team effort, a website can still be turned around pretty swiftly. Our record so far is one month and a half for Helliar Laundry Services.

Helliar & Son needed a new website STAT


Helliar & Son were investing in a new arm of their established and varied company: Helliar Laundry Services.

Up to this point, Helliar & Son had offered a wide variety of services including Helliar Pest Control, Helliar Cleaning Services and Larger Scale Cleaning Equipment Sales. With an opportunity on their horizons for a laundry business, they needed to add a new website stat.

Their laundry website needed to be consistent with Helliar’s overarching brand and still work as a stand-alone website. To ensure a quick turnaround from initial design to going live, their website took paramount importance for the entire team at Stable Design.

Fresh & Clean Design

Initial Design Concepts

Our creative design team quickly took on the challenge, coming up with a clean design that popped in all the right places.

As with all our creative work, we began with a suggest fest. With Helliar’s brand blue at the centre of our creative process, we concentrated on bringing in secondary colours like pristine white, fresh green and bright yellow. For us, these are all reminiscent of white, crisp laundry and its fresh, clean scent.

With fresh, clean colours and Helliar’s brand blue, the initial design focused on eye-catching visuals and calls-to-action that really popped.

Content is King

Clear Content & Copy to Boost SEO

Refreshing website content is often about stripping back what already exists to make it snappier and easier to scan-read. With bold headlines and short sentences on Helliar Laundry Services, any visitors will find key information quickly with minimal reading!

The dark side of website content is making sure any copy is optimised for search engines. By using the right phrases in the right places, Helliar’s brand-new website is more likely to reach new customers.

With the content complete, everything starts to come together in the most exciting, and laborious, stage of building a website.

Building for the End-User

Website Design

With the content and design signed-off, now comes the real website work. Our digital team takes a design concept and codes the website using a combination of HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and jQuery to ensure it looks and performs as it should online.

There is a different way of thinking in creative website development, as the website builder has to strike a balance between the functionality for the user and stay true to the initial design – Simply put, your website needs to look good AND work well.

For Helliar Laundry Services, our digital team made the design come to life with simple moving images that really catch the eye. Like their logo turning into a washing machine or the banner images fading to pristine white. These are not only in keeping with the original creative design but take it one step further.

Once an initial site is up and running, it’ll be optimised for other screen sizes and we’ll start testing all its functions to ensure it’s working precisely before going live.

Ready, Set… Let’s Go Live!

The result?

Quick delivery of a fresh and clean website to match Helliar Laundry Services.

“Just wanted to say you’ve done a great job on the new laundry website, we are all very pleased with the results so thank you”

Helliar Laundry Services

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