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Georgie Hulett
April 8, 2020
Creative Design

Developing Visual Content for your Website

Visual content has an immediate impact on the user’s experience of your website and decides how quickly they can collect any information. With plenty of images, infographics and video on your website, any visitor need only scan your webpage to gain a full understanding of your company.

Packham Thatchers is a family-run thatching business, with over 30 years experience and a strong thatching heritage. They came to us needing a website that wasn’t bogged down with words, promoted their traditional processes and yet had a modern appeal. We began building a new website that focused on communicating their brand visually.

Colour me individual

Adding Colour

Colour is the very first impression someone will get from your brand and website. From colour choice alone, people will have a subliminal understanding of the intent behind your brand. Read more about the psychology of colour choice and branding in Our Colours Explained.

For Packham Thatchers, we used colours inspired by their family heritage along with the thatching processes. Dark green, earthy golds with a crisp white to give a traditional feel with a modern appeal. These colours compliment each other and give the site depth, tone and warmth.

Packham Thatchers Brand Colours and Textures

The key colour theme is represented throughout the site in both design and photography helping Packham Thatchers tell a visual story at first glance.

Looks good enough to touch

Adding Texture

Texture an effective and simple way to add depth to your website whilst emphasising key elements of your business. Through the use of the right textures, your website will develop an atmosphere that reflects and reinforces your brand identity.

Adding texture in Website Design | Packham Thatchers website designed & developed by Stable Design

Initially, we focused on white parchment as Packham’s base texture. This would act as a backdrop to every other element and highlight their heritage theme. We chose a parchment with a ribbed texture (called a laid effect) that we felt represented ploughed fields or lines of crops.

We then led with a rich, warm dark green leather texture that represented skilled labour and natural materials. We felt this would embody the people behind the company: Reflecting the expertise and craftsmanship of their daily work.

With the white ribbed parchment and the dark, warm leather as underlying elements, any photos and text would POP with maximum effect.

Capturing personality

Adding Photos

photography portfolio is completely unique to you and will always be available for keeping your website and social media fresh with updated photos. We’d always recommend not using stock imagery or photos, as you lose some of your brand’s personality. Read more about why we’d always suggest hiring a professional photographer.

Below is Sara, our Creative Director and inhouse photographer, joining Jack Packham up on a roof to ensure she got the perfect shots of his skill in action.

To balance Packham Thatchers’ family heritage with their modern outlook, we mixed black and white photos with full-colour shots throughout their website.

Their full photo portfolio demonstrates the entire Packham thatching process, from harvesting and combing the straw all the way through to their finished product, a beautifully ridged thatched roof.

Packham Thatchers | Professional Photography & Website Development from Stable Design in Somerset

Now something to catch the eye

Adding Video or Animation

Video is the ultimate way to simply organise information and quickly share any communications in your brand’s unique style. Whether it’s a promotional message, the story of your business or just an introduction to your team, video is always an eye-catching option for visual content.

For Packham Thatchers, we focused on capturing their traditional processes and the awesome skill that goes into thatching.

Read more about our creative work with Packham Thatchers in our portfolio.

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